Development of Automobile Lighting System Fault Finding, Testing, Diagnosis and Rectification System

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The automobile lighting system consists of lighting and signaling devices mounted or integrated to the front, sides, rear and in some cases the top of a motor vehicle to light the roadway for the driver and increase the conspicuity of the vehicle; allowing other drivers and pedestrians to see a vehicle's presence, position, size, the direction of travel, and the driver's intentions regarding the direction and speed of travel. Though, the influence of lighting system on the modern automobile is evident in the aspect of maintenance and road safety considerations. When a fault occurs in the automobile lighting system, it is easy to assume that pinpointing the fault must be a difficult task. As an automobile technician becomes more experienced and encounters more of faults, they come to recognize these faults quickly and then prove their conjecture by safely testing to reaffirm their initial assumptions hence rectification has been often straightforward once the fault is identified.

This model identifies bulb, fuse and wiring faults as the major causes of fault in the automobile lighting system. Having decided into which category the complaint falls, reference must be made to the fault finding procedures (connecting a voltmeter across the battery to measure the voltage under lighting load; when the voltmeter is connected across the lamp, if a resistance in the circuit causes the reading to differ by more than 10% of the battery voltage, the cause should be determined by using principle voltage drop and drop in the earth line); diagnosing (to determine the appropriate repair using sight, sound, feel and smell); testing (fuse, bulb failure and wiring status) and rectification (dismantling, adjustments, replacement, repair and warranty status) that will suit the environmental conditions.

Hence, this model will bring the subject matter to the limelight using the schema diagram below, especially in the modern automobile lighting system and will also serve as an impetus in stimulating the interest of researchers, developers and automobile designers to explore this crucial area that has enjoyed little attention so that this important lacuna in knowledge can be filled.


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    Developing BlackBox for vehicles will record informational data, such as: engine/vehicle speed, temperature of the engine (5 seconds before impact), to revolutionize the field of motor vehicle accident investigation. It can also use for vehicle mapping and accident alert with the help of GPS and GSM technology
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