Fuel Cycle

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About 4.5 million premature deaths are caused by outdoor air pollution. 50% to 90% of the air pollution is caused just by the vehicular toxic emission. This research is about a design of series of processes which might create a fuel cycle in an internal combustion (IC) engine setup. This proposed fuel cycle consists of separating oxygen from air using Mixed Ionic Electronic Conducting Membranes. Then oxy-fuel combustion takes place which will be resulting into energy to run the vehicle and a pure carbon-dioxide stream.  Water-injector is used to keep the IC engine cool during very high temperature combustion process. Carbon-dioxide is then reacted with hydrogen to produce carbon monoxide under Water Gas-Shift Reaction. Carbon Monoxide then reacts with hydrogen obtained from water through reverse fuel cell under Fischer-Tropsch process to produce natural gas. Natural gas is then compressed and stored in the tank. The compressed natural gas is now used as the fuel and its combustion also produces pure carbon-dioxide stream. Thus carbon-dioxide can go through the same series of processes to produce compressed natural gas and hence a fuel cycle is created in the IC engine setup. This might result into very less consumption of the fuel or only water might be required to run the vehicles. Electric cars don't contribute in air pollution directly but indirectly they do and it will take decades to replace all the cars to electric cars. Till then, the pollution will be at extremity and this research might help to avoid it.

A kit can be made using this research which can be installed in the vehicles to run on very less fuel or might on water without creating any pollution. This will be eco-friendly as well as economical friendly solution. Prevention of vehicular pollution can lead to the prevention of the air borne diseases caused due to the pollution created by them. As expected the result of this research can really save money spend on fossil fuels as it will run on very less fuel or only on water. With the help of this research we might be able to control the pollution rate which is escalating day by day. Moreover, due to excessive use of fossil fuels leading to its future extinction, this method can prove itself to be a great alternative & to save fossil fuel for other applications. Now the very same kit can be used to generate electricity in housing communities and commercial buildings. In the case of the vehicles the IC engine does the work in terms of moving the vehicle, while in the case of the housing communities & commercial buildings the IC engine does the work by powering up the generator to produce electricity. Also, after doing more research on this work, it can also be applied in the Aeroturbine Engines of the Planes. This might lead to the Creation of future in the field of the Automotive/Transportation Category.


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