Fuel Cut-Off System for Vehicle Safety

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• Installed an external vacuum petcock between carburetor and a modified air intake on a motorbike, so the setup is such that fuel cannot not enter the carburetor until engine is cranked. The modified air intake manifold has a vacuum pipe attached to the petcock’s air inlet, which will pull down the diaphragm and allow the fuel to flow from fuel-tank to the carburetor and ultimately resulting the air fuel mixture to enter the combustion chamber.

• Hence, this system will allow the fuel to flow into the engine when the engine is cranked, thus avoiding fuel leakage and theft of fuel when the engine is shut off.

• Worked on this project to avoid fuel leakage and theft of fuel from motorbike.


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    Prathamesh Ghankutkar
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    In today’s world saving fuel has become very important as the fuel prices are increasing rapidly.
    Due to this there is increase in theft of petrol from various motorcycles. As the motorcycle gets
    older, we experience leakage of fuel. Wastage of fuel can even reduce economy of the vehicle. Therefore, I have made a system which is affordable
    and can be used by common man to save fuel.
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