Green Ranger

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The vetronic wheelchair gets into shape for giving some revolutionary assistance to patients, those dependent on wheelchairs, the elderly, stroke patients and others desiring or even requiring personal mobility and lift access.

• It is always physically challenged people's dream to compete with ordinary people by giving them a tough fight. Even though, their mental strength accompanies them for doing it, their physical strength will not give hand to them.

• And so, the system shows promise for moving these groups of people into the workforce and removing the burden placed on the healthcare industry. The system has been prototyped to show the basic concept of such a smooth mobility system.

• The vetronic chair was conceptualized to demonstrate its relative inexpensive capabilities to the healthcare industry and to build on its capabilities with robust controls for reality and rehabilitation in the next term.

• And further we have planned to improve the chair's performance by improving the material properties of the springs using in the wheel to reduce the vibration rate when it goes through the bumpy uneven road.


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