Heavy Duty Aftermarket Super Truck

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The Heavy Duty Aftermarket Super Truck is a revolution in fuel efficient technology. Unique patented system from Enviro-Cool delivers up to 10% reduced fuel consumption, dramatic under hood heat reduction and sound reduction. This is one of the most commercially viable and ready aftermarket upgrades in the industry. And one of the most fuel efficient upgrades without touching engine or body aerodynamics. This is a platform truck for aftermarket efficient technologies to collaborate on and deliver a true "used super truck" that is affordable for today's fleets and owners. #TheFutureIsCool

The Advanced Engine Cooling System uses a central radiator plenum, two electric fans and hood duct work to transfer hot radiator air to outside the body - not into the engine compartment. The system uses a full cowl induction hood scoop to supply cool air to the engine compartment and engine air intake system. Then hot engine compartment air is transferred out through the exit ducts as well. This system produces 50% reduction in under hood temperature using only 2 HP to drive the electric fans compared to 60+ HP for the original equipment fan system. There is a 50% reduction in fan noise with fuel savings up to 10%. The system can idle on electric fans using hardly any HP and far less fuel than the OE fan assembly.

The system optimizes any heavy truck, converting a fleet’s aging assets into “better-than-new” Super Trucks – along with partner and combined affiliate company upgrades. Although licensed shops could retrofit the system in a few days, the OEMs could implement the upgrade on assembly lines with greater efficiency and cost savings.

The system is a high-performance install that provides less emissions, less downtime, increased truck life, increased available horsepower, more efficient combustion, less engine failures and wrecker fees, less maintenance costs and an ROI in less than three years.

10% fuel savings improved engine thermo-aerodynamics
More efficient combustion = less emissions & less CO2/NOX
60+ Increased Available Horsepower
50% under hood temperature reduction
50dB sound reduction
Congested interstates account for $63.4 billion in lost operational costs, electric fan idling and cooling will dramatically reduce lost revenue from congestion
Military Operations benefit from lower heat signature, lower noise levels, and lower fuel consumption (hostile environments cost taxpayers upwards of $600/gal of fuel for transport and security)

The average retail price for used class 8 has plunged 22% in the last two years prompting fleets to keep existing assets longer adding more necessary maintenance. The system can increase value at trade-in. The Heavy Duty Aftermarket Super Truck is the answer to today and tomorrow’s transportation challenges.


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