Elevated Beam Structure for Cargo and People

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Sky Train Corporation (STC) has modeled, evaluated, calculated, and patented a Rail Transit and Alternative Energy System that improves security and increases capacity over rail on the ground. It allows freight to be the revenue source and adds passengers and stations for added profit or convenience, thereby gaining quick funding.

Elevated beams improve speed and comfort, combining faster, safer freight and passenger movement. They will save over 80% of the fuel over rubber tired vehicles. Also, elevated traffic systems do not affect existing corridors on the ground that cross each other, require expensive rail crossings and cause around 90% of all rail fatalities.

This is by far a safer, less expensive transportation system for people and cargo to build and operate than other systems! We consult and purchase modified existing automated rail vehicles from competitive manufacturers. We are also in port vendor interviews to use their slightly modified lifting equipment.

The Sustainable STC 150 container system shown is a technologically advanced electric transportation system for moving freight. This allows for the substitution of the STC100W car, wider (six across seating) resulting in 1/3 shorter trains, walking distance and boarding platforms for people, SCHEDULED on the same structure as freight. Originally funded by the Technological Research and Development Authority, Department of Energy, NASA and unfunded for three years on the Florida Budget.

STC’s energy efficient monorail serves as a bridge to cross congested, populated or wetland areas eliminating road wear, damage, congestion and fatalities. Elevation ensures operation during flood conditions, earthquakes, snow, ice and sand storms, assuring continuing service especially to isolated areas thereafter.

Sky Train is a transportation provider that uses patent enhanced transportation rail, auto and aviation technology allowed with 63 patent claims to improve the performance of the transporter with more being submitted. Examples are safety by locking within the structure, new superior switch designs, saving energy and delay by its accumulation of combined features of regeneration, storage and reuse of saved energy and by allowing swing-out comfort, which saves added energy, more evenly balances the force on the wheels, rails and structure, resulting in reduced maintenance.

Added bonuses from using elevated transporter mounting are;
- 25% decreased ship loading times through patents in process using a proposed STC200 rail vehicle addition, to increase semi-automation
- in the US 4 of the 5 Class 1 railroads averaged 25 MPH (40 km/h) our modern shorter trains will easily double this; increased speed with latest technology reduces delivery times, profit to the shippers and sellers. Reduction in average delivery time allows a direct ratio of savings by reducing the number of vehicles required.
- 80% energy savings over rubber tired transporters, no idling at crossings
- savings in land use and cost of right of ways
- the beams multi-use to mount transmission and collection devices of solar and wind
- use of beam structure to transmit energy and signals, making it a micro-grid for the future!


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