Easy Parking

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With the rapid proliferation of vehicle availability and usage in recent years, finding a vacant car parking space is becoming more and more difficult, resulting in a number of practical conflicts.

Parking problems are becoming ubiquitous and ever growing at an alarming rate in every major city.

Wide usage of Android technology with the recent advances in wireless applications for parking, manifests that digital data dissemination could be the key to solve the emerging parking problems.

Lack of sufficient parking space, its improper utilization, and unsustained maintenance in urban cities of Developing countries coerce people for illegal roadside parking that not only leads to pathetic traffic jams causing delays but also increases pollution by wasting precious resources.

Easy parking system aims to take the stress out of finding a parking space in city centers where it is estimated that up to 30% of all cars in the city are looking for parking spots at a given time.

With connected easy parking, an app on your phone can alert you to available spaces and guide you to the exact location. This reduction in customer stress encourages positive consumer habits, leading to a more profitable business with happier customers.


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    Varun Sharma
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    Shivam Srivastava Shubham Dwivedi Varun Kumar Sharma
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    Finding a parking space in most metropolitan areas, especially during the rush hours, is difficult for drivers. Due to this there is a need to provide sufficient parking places coupled with plenty of slots to help the user park his vehicle safely, also to ensure the user does not end up parking on non-parking area and cause discomfort to pedestrians. The idea behind our Android Application-“Easy Parking” is to help the user analyze area’s where parking is available and number of slots free in that near by area also provides other parking relaed detrails to user.
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    Arduino and Android studio
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