Droneport Building

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If current advances in drone construction, automatic flying, and battery storage capacity will follow their expected trends, in a few years we will see personal flying cars as well as delivery drones in our skies. To face such innovations, initially buildings, later cities, will be transformed to accommodate such novelties. To face such future challenges in an evolutionary way we are proposing a new type of building that will incorporate the drone port functions together with expected innovations in construction technology and energy conservation expected for this century.

The building proposed incorporates droneports at different leves for the bigger personal drones and smaller unmanned delivery drones. All services for storing cargo and drones as well as recharge their batteries from renewable sources are included in the upper floors of the building.

Together with the drone facilities the building must be equipped with solar and wind power systems, in our case the solar sail and solar power flower for capturing and transform solar radiation and a wind wall, composed of vertical turbines, to capture and transform wind into power.

Waste recycling at 100% is a must with the help of a 3d printer in the building basement to reutilize most common waste materials while water , including rain water collected by the solar flower, will be decontaminated and reutilized for sanitary utilities and irrigation for the hydroponic walls that will grow for the entire height of the building , cleaning the air and producing food. As an example we designed mixed commercial offices and hotel building , but such concepts can be applied to all new construction or major refurbishment of existing ones.

If flying cars and common utilization of drones will become affordable and popular the buildings , and later the cities, must be prepared for their massive introduction.


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