Road Cleaners

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As we all know an important part of every person's life is transport and for them we use our vehicles which includes cars and mopeds .....Every day while driving our vehicles we come across the litter or waste or scraps that are distributed along the roads .....We may wonder many times can we clear that this litter while riding our vehicle .....But possibly we can clear this....Let see how...Cars are used every day and while getting a look over our cars we see that there is a lot of flat surface available below the car which can fix an external attachment of small suction holes or modified vacuum cleaners which will suck the.litters of designated mass. It will be powered by the car's battery or external supply ....This idea will save the money of government on sweepers that are employed on the maintenance of roads as lakhs of vehicle pass through a same point over a day ...Moreover this idea will impact on the remote location where sweepers cant reach.....Also this liter if managed in proper manner can be used for maxing fertilizers .....This attachment cost may be very less as compared to cost of the car we are purchasing .....One time investment from people and life time benefits towards cleanliness of our city.



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    Venkatesh Nawre
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    Vehicles can contribute towards cleanliness off city.
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