The 21st Century Swiss Army Knife CUV

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Revolution (R) Concept:
Develop a 21st century "Swiss Army Knife" compact utility vehicle that is a two-seat roadster, a four-seat convertible, and a pick up truck.

Revolution (R) Concept requirements:
Extreme versatility and utility to be accomplished with
1. Highly configurable interior which allows multiple seating arrangements and vehicle configurations
including an autonomous configuration
2. Front wheel drive powertrains (petrol, battery electric, hybrid, hydrogen) focused to the front
compartment of the vehicle (allowing rear compartment freedom)
Social media connected interior - 4G, WIFI, 4 stream video all connectable to Smart phone.
Eco friendly both inside and out.
Appeal to ALL generations of consumers.

Highlight of Revolution (R) concept vehicle:
Instead of a conventional convertible top the Revolution (R) will have an electric roller cabin cover.
With the roller cabin cover fully retracted and the rear hide away seats folded or in a hidden position the Revolution (R) is a pick up.
With the roller cabin cover moved over the load area the Revolution (R) becomes a 2, 3, or 4 seat convertible depending on the chosen seat preference. A rear trunk compartment is available for use in this configuration.

With the cabin roller cover moved over the rear seat area (seats are in folded or hidden position) the Revolution (R) now becomes a 2 seat roadster complete with trunk compartment and behind the front seat storage area afforded due to wide opening near the suicide doors.

With all the seats either folded or hidden and the steering column tilted downwards, the cabin roller cover can be activated all the way forward to the lower edge of the windshield and locked for complete secured vehicle interior protection.


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