Advanced Rack and Pinion

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In this project we have focused on improving the steering response in automobiles using a rack and pinion assembly. The main purpose is to design and manufacture a new arrangement of rack and pinion which enhances the maneuverability. Rack and pinion mechanism being compact and light package with kinematically stiffer characteristics is commonly employed on cars. A virtual rack and pinion steering assembly can be created using software like CAD, SOLIDWORKS and ANSYS. This implementation on the mechanism ultimately leads to a more sensitive and effective steering experience.

In our design we have provided two sets of teeth on the rack which meshes individually with two respective sets of teeth on the pinion. For this we have taken into consideration Ackerman steering geometry for the designing
procedure, which states that during turning, if center's of all wheels at a point then the vehicle will take about that point which results in pure rolling of the vehicle. Generally we try to get perfect Ackerman geometry i.e. neither positive nor negative Ackerman geometry. This new arrangement of the steering system lead to decrement in bump steering and also better handling response. This lead to enhance the driver grip on his vehicle by elimination of all orthodox problem in general steering system.

The main objectives behind designing and manufacturing rack and pinion steering system for a vehicle is to decrease the weight of the system, to make the system efficient in terms of space considerations and to
customize the specifications as required. The First thing that a designer looks while designing the product is safety . Moreover comfort is the next priority ,and our objective was to improve the comfort level of a person while driving on off roads and during bump. The main objective of the project is to reduce and eliminate the bump steer . Also the new product has to be light weight and reliable. The material used should be able to withstand the forces and jerks . Everyone wants a safe and comfortable ride while driving ,by using this type of steering this need can be satisfied. We can get a better maneuverability on off roads.

The main advantage of our system is reduced bump steer.
The introduction of variable gear ratio reduces bump steer.
Reduction in steering effort is experienced due to variable gear ratio.
Physical stress on driver due to sudden jerk of bump is reduced.

Comparision with conventional system
In our mechanism we have used two different racks instead of one in conventional system.
In conventional steering system they use constant gear ratio where we provide a variable gear ratio in our
Moreover two pinions are used for meshing with their respective racks in our steering system.
The problem of bump steer was encountered in the conventional system but it will be reduced in our
Steering effort will be decreased as compared to the conventional system.


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