Energy Harvesting System through IC Engine

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Objective :
As the need for green energy is increasing the use of hybrid vehicles has to be encouraged. This project accomplishes the task of increasing the range of hybrid vehicle which was the major problem encountered in these vehicles.

Technology :
This system generates power from piezocrystal which is subjected to vibrations generated by the mechanical system designed. The amount of energy drawn from the engine is controlled and thus utilized in generating power and recharging the batteries.

Abstract :
The proposed model design consists of the basic parts such as damper system, cam with addition to a roller, spring of specific stiffness and a piezoelectric material in the engine design. As the piston reciprocates inside the cylinder bore in an engine the crankshaft rotates which in turn rotates the cam. According to cam profile the impact force is applied on roller for every rotation of crankshaft, this results in compression of spring. The resultant force at bottom of spring will deform the piezocrystal placed below the plate.The deformation induced is directly proportional to force acting on plate,which produces an voltage due to material property of piezocrystal. This power is stored in a capacitor and is displayed on the LCD screen.In actual vehicle this power is stored battery. The number of taps can be increased by changing the cam design.By changing the piezocrystal,we can generate a larger amount of power.



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