Exo Airbag Safety System

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Nowadays there is a tremendous increase in vehicle accidents; most of the people die in the accident. But it can be reliable with the help of Airbags which saves lives or minimizes the impact of accidents. But we can optimize the current design of the airbag system by providing it externally also. So here I come with some interesting ideas about exo airbag safety system. For that I've analysed the current airbag system with its pros and cons. I have also studied the behavior of the vehicle when it crashes. And based on all these studies I have made my conclusions of utilizing the current airbag system.

In the proposed system I will try to add a lot of airbags in various external sections of the car body. Firstly the most accident affected section of the car is front section which includes bumper to bumper collisions mostly and wind shield gets affected too if the collision is with heavy vehicle unfortunately like trucks backbend. So I provide the airbags to the front bumper and also at the corner of the wind shield. The wind shield airbags are designed like that they are placed exact corner of the wind shield frame such that when Airbags get inflated it covers both half of the front wind shield plus side window. This will eventually reduces the number of airbags and so the respective cost. Rear section exo airbags system is same as a front section.

Now I will explain about the side sections that is left and right section of the car or vehicle. The side section mostly get impacted when other vehicles collide with it at the side sections. So I have provide big rectangular shaped airbag at the exact point of impact where most of the vehicle collide generally, windows get protected with front and rear corner Airbags which protects wind shield and windows also.

Now the next and the most innovative part of my design that is roof section airbags this is provided for safety against the rolling impact. When there is a rolling of the car all airbags get inflated to secure the whole car. The inflation mechanism of that system is the same as the current internal airbag system. With only little change which might be important is that is I have included the sensors which analyses the speed and the distance between the both respective vehicles and will give the respective correct output signal to the actuator for inflation of the airbags before the collision. The Volvo automobile company also is researching it currently but they provide airbags only at the side section of the car externally. So my design may be helpful to save the life also damage of the car at moderate cost, but this cost is negligible as compared to human lives.


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