Block Molding

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My concept was inspired by the game called "Jenga." To make composite fabrication somewhat easier I developed a system of arranging blocks in a pattern to give the shape of the final product. This mold is then wrapped in the composite material. The mold is then encased in an outer shell the resin added and then can be pressed or left to stand free. My prototype "box" has openings at each end however it is possible to have only one opening the size of which will be determined by the relative size of the blocks used in the construction of the mold. This process may lend it self to degree of automation during the setup and removal stages. The ability to reuse the mold blocks would be a bonus. As well changes to the design, if required, can be executed with relative ease. For my prototype I used wood however for serious production runs plastic would work better.


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    Robert Raczki
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