Economical Inflatable Electrical Car

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My new invention is an economical inflatable electrical car.

It is a compact, very economic, 3 seats , 3 wheels electrical car. Very safe for the occupant but also for anyone who would get hit by this car.

The floor has a rigid platform which contains batteries, suspension and electrical motors. An electrical air pump is integrated on this platform.

To protect the occupants against impact, rigid tubes are surrounding them and the windows.

The seats, the dash, the doors, the top, the hood, the trunk are inflatable.

The 2nd and 3rd seats can be dis-inflated to increase cargo space.

The windows are tempered glasses with classic wipers.

A digital pad (example: iPad) is mounted on the dash to display the various data (speed, energy / mileage left) and to control the ventilation and pump via Bluetooth. Obviously the music is also Control the same way.

What is new

Being inflatable, the electrical car is very safe for everyone inside and outside. Very light, it requires minimum amount of energy to power the car. This compact car aim to cost less than 10,000$.


The car has 3 priorities from a design and manufacturing point of view. Be safe, economic and efficient.

The platform is made of an assembly of titanium honeycomb printed parts. Titanium is not expansive when printed. The inflatable material is made of waved fabric with high resistance to perforation. The batteries are lithium ion. The glasses are traditional tempered glasses. The motors, pump and tires are traditional.


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