HDFS: Haptic Driver Feedback System

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The Haptic Driver Feedback System is an advanced driver assist device that uses haptic feedback to alert the driver to multiple driving situations. It interfaces with the vehicle's computer to use data from various on-board systems to provide more effective driver assists.

The HDFS, in base trim, plugs directly into the vehicle's ECU through a wireless module. Monitoring traction control and other data, the seat will provide directional haptic feedback to alert the driver to situations such as loss of traction in individual wheels, ABS action, sensor death, and proximity alert (if available). In full implementation, the HDFS would be fully-integrated into the seat and computer system from the OEM. When available, it would perform all the base functions to higher accuracy while also taking into account various other driver aids such as awareness sensors, full proximity alert, lane assist, and massage. These would allow the seat to not only alert the driver to inclement vehicle conditions, but also allow the driver to have a instinctual understanding of the exact conditions surrounding the vehicle at all times.

Production of the HDFS would start with base trim seat covers made of breathable mesh and ample padding surrounding the tactile generators. These covers would be primarily generic fit with certain vehicle specific trims available to purchase. OEM's would be able to license the technology to implement a more immersive solution.

We hope this can provide a more exciting and safe driving experience for all.


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