Digital Validation and Certification for Vehicle PUC Certificate using IoT with Cloud Computing

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Pollution and especially air pollution has always been a serious threat to the environment. One of the very important factors responsible for air pollution is the emission of gases from the vehicles such as CO, HC, NOx etc which degrades the environment. A really important need here is to curtail the amount of harmful gases which are emitted from the vehicles.

PUC (Pollution under Control) is a Certification Mark issued to certify that motor vehicles in India meet emission and pollution control norms. In many cases PUCs are issued merely on the basis of Vehicle Registration number without actual diagnostics of the vehicle. Besides this nowadays the tendency of keeping the vehicles maintained by regular services has disappeared. Existing system does not use feedback mechanism to measure the emission and due to this unauthenticated certificates are issued. Also percentage of the vehicles which are getting regularly checked for PUC is very less due to lack of follow up infrastructure. To overcome all these problems we are working on this project.

New system unit provide highly accurate & authenticated by centralised system server. This system also keeps track of certificate expiry & provide renewal alerts to vehicle owner before expiry. This system unit will help owner in keeping regular check of engine health & rectify if any engine problem is resulting in pollution.

Government agencies like Traffic police, police will have all accurate data which can centrally accessible on mobile phone.

PUC vendors will get more income as this system will increase awareness of PUC in people and reminder method will increase number of follow up PUCs.


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