Anti Skid Product for Car

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This idea can solve the problem of vehicles skidding while driving on an ice coated road with a very easy way. One can drive safely on the ice coated road with the help of this device by attaching this device on the car.

How does your idea solve this problem?
MECHANISM: we will develop this device according to the diagram. In this device there will be 20 to 30 spikes which will be fixed with springs. There will be a hook to hold these springs. The spikes will be made with plastic or metal. We can take the length of these spikes as per car design. This device will be fixed in front of the both side tires according to the diagram. This device will touch the surface of the ice coated road. When the car will run on the ice coated road then the spike will work to rub the surface of the ice and will make rough zigzag lines on the ice coated road. Due to this work the tires will move on this rough zigzag line surface and there will be no chances of car skidding on the ice coated roads because the smooth surface will be converted into a rough surface. The springs will be contracted in this way so that it could hold the spikes and new spike could touch the ice coated road after abrasive one. This device will be fixed with a magnet on the front part of the car before both side tires. This will be a very unique device to prevent the skidding accidents. The consumers will benefit with this device as they could drive easily on the ice coated road.


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