Fuel - less Transportation System

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Presently most of the transportation systems run on petroleum which is responsible for pollution. Electric vehicles are good replacement for such vehicles but they require energy storage devices like batteries. We want some best possible solution for transportation system which will provide very efficient service. The answer is Fuel less Transportation service.

A fuel-less transportation system is a simple innovative idea which is based on the concept of center of gravity and fulcrum. It consist of special designed cabin, non parallel track with height adjustment system.

System Illustration:
Cabin - cylindrical vessel with tapered conical profile at both ends
Track - non parallel inclined rigid track

A rigid track is provide for transportation of cabin which is inclined at specific angle. Cabin is allowed to move freely on track. Cabin is designed in such way that the center of gravity always acts in front of fulcrum which will produce moment in clockwise direction as illustrated in fig B which will produce enough force to rotate the component in clockwise direction or to climb the slope. This cabin is used for transferring human or goods from one place to another. The angle of inclination and weight of goods will decide the speed of the cabin. Since the rotary motion can affect the human comfort and goods condition, the bearing is provided at the end of cabin as illustrated in fig C. This will give the stationary comfort to cabin structure or passenger without any whirling. Speed of cabin can be controled with the help of braking system or by adjusting the height of tracks. The angle of inclination of track directly affects the rotational motion, linear speed and direction of movement of cabin. If we slightly increase the inclination angle of track, cabin will not move in forward direction; it will slow down and start moving in backward direction. Hence we can control the cabin motion with help of track in emergency conditions. The natural slope of earth may be used for track elevation which will minimize the cost for elevation installation. Since this system do not require any kind of fuel or electrical energy to move the cabin from one place to another, it is most efficient and eco-friendly transportation system compared to present technology.

Hence Fuel-less Transportation System is best replacement for current transportation systems like cars, bus, trucks, railway etc. It is possible and eco-friendly system which will helpful for both public and investors.


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