AllFuel TotalCombustion Technology (AFTC)

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The Major Problems:
➤~70% of fuel is wasted as heat in conventional engines/power-plants/waste-to-energy-systems which don’t combust the water/aquifers/air polluting fuel completely while also producing strong green-house NOx emissions. Fuel usage efficiency can be doubled without any emissions/pollutants. [CO2 is not a pollutant but a valuable resource].
➤Most plastic/trash/etc. is buried or dumped in oceans which pollute water/aquifers/air. 8MM tons of plastic winds up in the ocean yearly. This debris can be used as fuel for vehicles & electrical energy generation via our pollution-free, carbon-negative gasification and for useful industrial heat including large-scale water purification/desalination.

For the foreseeable future internal-combustion-engines[ICE], hybrids and turbines will still be the go-to solutions. We solve the emissions problem with the low-cost AllFuel-TotalCombustion [AFTC] 'Zero-Emissions' gaseous and liquid fuel engine-technology with switch on-the-fly or CONCURRENT multi-fuel capability[YES-IT'S-TRUE], producing significantly higher, uniform efficiency and power/torque at all speeds with ultra low heat-noise output.[See-fig1] Waste heat is used in Rankine/ORC cycle, significantly improving fuel efficiency/use.[Wow][See-fig2

Refueling can be done at-home w natural/syn gas.[YES-IT'S-TRUE] Our simple low-cost, light-weight, non-electric, built-in hybrid tech can more than double conventional vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Retrofits of all engines/generators//trains/ships/airplanes/vehicles/tractors+trailers[more energy efficient and cost effective than last year’s Contest Winner] are possible NOW! by installing a new head, combustion-chamber and controller, instantly saving billions with only low CO2 output!!!

• Delivers >25% better fuel-efficiency than gasoline engines, 15% in Diesels. The fuel savings might be 50% in a real world driving cycle!!! Our hybrid-technology can add as much as an additional 75% increase for a combined fuel efficiency increase of >100%
• Uses any liquid or gaseous fuel [think natural gas at home] including current or future biofuels even if old or dirty mixed fuels, ABLE TO SWITCH ON THE FLY OR USE SEVERAL FUELS CONCURRENTLY
• Non-polluting without costly after-treatments. Only CO2 which can be a zero-sum total with bio-fuels!!! Climate=Change problem solved!!! Tested and verified by BobCat, Cummins and Honda.
• Uniform, larger torque*power over entire speed-range
• Significantly lower heat&noise emissions
• Smaller engine due to higher engine power-density
• Provides a superior high performance/racing engine
• Self-adjusts for variations in altitude and temperature, to maintain consistent engine power; important in aircraft/UAVs
• In aircraft the low cost AFTC can replace inefficient APUs
• Simpler with fewer parts
• Superior durability & reliability; important in aircraft/UAVs
• Longer life
• Scalable to any application

We believe our built-in non-electrical air-hybrid technologies address and challenge three key market trends simultaneously - range extension, electrification and all-wheel drive - more successfully. Offering lowest vehicle purchase-price including lowest life-time cost of all competing technologies, provide the greatest driving range capacity and breaking energy recovery, wider choice and fastest speed in charging and offering all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering. They are the most efficient and versatile hybrid systems without the battery material availability constrictions and chemistry/physics drawbacks, without all the charging limitations including infrastructure availability and without the expense, bulk, mass and complexity of conventional e-hybrids.


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