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The idea is to have a proximity link that transmits the intended car with real time information on a proximity hazard or a problem with the vehicle such as a break down car blocking the opposite way in a curve ahead for the incoming traffic. Most of us at some time may have tried to alert another driver/s of a real situation but the options are very limited in real life and there is not a system in place to address such a situation.

My proposal is to have four small round lights at the front and at the rear of every vehicle as shown in the pictures. A full red (the four red indicators at front) will signal the oncoming traffic of an imminent hazard ahead on their line and thus they shall lower their speed and proceed with caution. A single red right indicator will signal the front car or back car (when passed) that their rear right tire is low and so on.

This system may foster a sentiment of looking out for each other instead of always putting our rushing selves first.


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    Elias Chavez Monarrez
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