Automated Irrigation System

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This project based on agriculture is intended to create an automated irrigation mechanism which turns the pumping motor ON and OFF on detecting the moisture content of the soil. In the domain of farming, utilization of appropriate means of irrigation is significant. The benefit of employing these techniques is to decrease human interference and still make appropriate irrigation. This automated irrigation project brings into play a Raspberry pi 3, programmed to collect the input signal of changeable moisture circumstances of the earth via a moisture detecting system. By collecting the necessary data from the sensors we calculate the amount of water required for the plants to grow and use it for irrigation thus saving the excess water been depleted and thereby saving it for the future needs. And also send updates to the farmer's mobile phone.There is a Log calculated for every instance.


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    Vignesh A
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    Vignesh A Karupasami P Nithin Raj D
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    Python and Raspbian os
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