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Internet of Things (IOT) is an evolving technology in Mobile Computing, resembling the Distributed Network Environment, where physical objects are embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to stay connected over the Internet and communicate with each other. The IOT Objects on the Internet are capable of identifying each other with their Domain name, Network Address or through the Embedded Computing System which runs on existing Network Infrastructure. IOT goes beyond Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication and covers several Protocols, domains and networks, enabling advanced applications like Smart Grid. The application usage of IOT are many and Home Automation is one of them providing automatic control of home appliances & security, remotely. In order to provide Security and Automation System, Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is used for the local network infrastructure and Open Computer Vision (OpenCV) library for visual surveillance. The Proposed System exploits the benefits of Internet for the transfer of data and control packets to stay connected with the Home Appliances and send them instructions. The System involves two communication points: Web Interface and Android Mobile Application. This project aims at providing an easy to install, safe and secure automation needs for home appliances which can be enhanced and implemented in large organization as well.Home and building automation systems are used more and more as they provide increased comfort especially when employed in a private home. Automation systems installed in commercial buildings do not only increase comfort, but also allow centralized control of HVAC and lighting.Hence, they contribute to an overall cost reduction and also to energy saving which is certainly a main issue today.The proposed Home Security and Automation system provides a high level of home security using visual surveillance and remote automation through WLAN network.The main processing unit is a cortex ARM processor with Linux operating system and the board used is Beagle Bone Black .

Surveillance system is achieved using OpenCV (open source computer vision).The System has two different modes:1.Normal Mode 2.Surveillance Mode.Total number of people in a room is counted by using the People Detection and Counting algorithm.The System Architecture consists of three main modules:

Processing Module:
Consists of Beagle Bone Black Board, 8 channel relay module, Web Camera.
Web Interface:
Provides the User Interface to control and setup the processing module.
Mobile Application:
Provides Mobile User Interface to control via Mobile Phone.


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