Smart Vault

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This is an android application designed for the android platform. This app stores your data in a secure manner. This app provide two-way authentication to get the data which we hide in this app. The two-way authentication is to access the data in two ways. At first we have to set two passwords for the app. The first password is used to open all apps like the application password which exists now in the market. Now, we are going to develop an app that provides more security than the apps which exist. The second password is used to open the files which are hidden in the app.

If you have the app _password app which exist now in the market then you can only set a single password to access all the files or apps in the mobile and specification of our app is to provide separate password for single app which hides our files.

For example: If you give your mobile to your friend before which we set a dual lock for the app, then he can access only files or content which where shown as soon as typing single password and he can no longer access the files and contents in the hidden password.

Finally this app allows each and every app in your mobile to access in two ways, one for general purpose and another way for security manner.


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    Ravi Sridharan
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    Mr.S.Ravi , AP(S.G) Dr.J.Thangakumar , Associate Professor Mr.Raja Diwakar , Student ,Btech CSE Mr.Ramesh,student , Btech CSE Mr.Lokesh Varma , Btech CSE
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