Every Drop Counts

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Every Drop Counts is an electronic system to measure the volume of water flowing through a mechanical meter using an audio sensor. It uses audio to enable much higher resolution than what is normally able to read by the inbuilt magnetic sensor. The audio is analyzed to detect the mechanical ticking sounds caused by the geared water vanes turning.

The usual sensor on mechanical water meters use a magnetic sensor however the resolution of a typical domestic meter is very low. For instance in Australia a common meter the ESLER V100 provides only one pulse per 5-10 litres. Using the audio system I am able to increase the resolution from 10 to 100 times. This enables analysis of the type of water use, such as showers, clothes washing, dish washing, toilet flush, dripping tap, irrigation etc. Each of these uses will have a similar signature of similar volume of water over a similar amount of time.

Having more detailed analysis enables better management of the water by users. For instance a parent can now compare shower use against each member of a family or community average.

The system detects and counts the audio ticks and sends via wireless (currently WiFi) to the WEB. An IOS and ANDROID App provides the user interface.

Because audio sensing has some issues regarding interference, amplification, noise etc. it may not be able to be 100% accurate so would not probably be used by water suppliers for the billing function. However it can be used in conjunction with the normal magnetic sensor as a verification and analysis of detail.

It also could be used in conjunction with the power supplier information to verify efficiency of appliances. For instance if a certain washing machine uses more water than another it probably uses more power also for pumping, heating etc.



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