LPG Gas Management System

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Nowadays safety and time are major issues. We all know that gas booking is a time consuming task and also there can be the problem of gas leakage. In present situation most of the accidents occur due to gas leakage which cause damage to innocent people's lives and their property. In India gas distributors uses IVRS, SMS or online booking for LPG which are time consuming in fast running life.

A wireless safety device for gas leakage detection is proposed. The device is intended for use in household safety where appliances and heaters that use natural gas and liquid module. The detection and transmitting module detects the change of gas (LPG) may be a source of risk. The system also can be used for other applications in the industry or plants that depend on LPG and natural gas in their operations. The system design consists of three main modules: the detection and transmission module, and the receiving module using a special sensing circuit built for this purpose, and automatic gas booking system. This module checks if there is any leakage of gas and If the sensor detects any leakage, it activates and audio visual alarm and sends a signal to the receiver module. The receiver module acts as a mobile alarm device to allow the mobility within the house premises. The system was tested using LPG and the alarm was activated as a result of leakage detection. This also proposes an idea to include circuit which would send message to mobile and also involves another circuit which trips the power supply when gas leakage occurs and to book the gas automatically by sensing the weight of cylinder.


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