City Air Quality Monitor

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uRADMonitor CITY is your 6th sense when it comes to air quality. Equipped with advanced sensors and Internet connectivity, this IOT device will constantly measure the invisible harmful factors around you, sending in timely notifications to keep you away for those things that can have a negative impact on your health.

It has 4 electrochemical sensors to measure Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide, complemented by a laser light scattering sensor to measure fine particles, the dreaded PM2.5 and PM10 that can pass the natural barriers installed in our lungs, injecting dangerous substances directly in our blood stream. These 6 parameters are recognised on global scale as the top pollutants of major concern and are used to compute the Air Quality index.

The built in Internet connectivity comes in two flavours, one uRADMonitor CITY variant uses Wifi, and the other uses the long range, long power LoRAWAN connectivity, to fit multiple usage scenarios.

The data is centralised to the uRADMonitor portabl, and can be accessed on your computer or via a mobile app, and you can also register to receive notifications. You might use your own uRADMonitor CITY unit, or you can simply access notifications from another unit installed in your city. IOT offers great flexibility to connect the people and the environment.

A demo video for the data frontend is included below.



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