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W.A.S. (Waste Analysis System) is a device cum app that helps to overcome issues related to waste management and sanitation in India.

First off about the device- The device would contain a gas sensor to measure the density of different gasses generated by the waste and also measure the weight of garbage container by using surface mounted weighting system.

How would it work- The device would be installed in local dumping areas where it would detect gasses(mostly foul smell) and the amount of waste. The collected data would be transferred to the IOT server with the help of microcontroller and a ZigBee module. As soon as the methane crosses a certain level and/or the amount of dumped waste reaches its threshold automatically the alarm would get triggered and therefore make it is possible for the authority to take proper action. It also consists of a GPS module which helps in locating which dumping area is being overflowed.

How is it good for us:
•The idea has multiple benefits. Basically, the problem of improper sanitation would be solved. It would help to make better management plans as the retrieved data would be used for analysis of routine pattern in waste collection and generation.
• It would prevent important areas from turning into a complete wasteland.
•The icing on the cake is the application feature for mobile. It would let people know the place at which they could dump waste. Also by this, we can also teach people about biodegradable waste and non-biodegradable waste.
•The main advantage is the collection of data which help authorities to modulate their service as per the generation of waste in that region.
•It will also reduce the cost of transportation by allowing authorities to make decisions as per the level of waste in particular region and does not have to follow morning and evening routine for picking up waste.

Why is it Important?
Due to the accumulation of waste, pollution of insects increases which cause hygiene related problems and skin diseases. Therefore by rectifying above accumulation problem, we can provide a healthy environment to people.
Proper use of land resources, improved manure, healthier human resource are a few secondary perks too.
The bottom line being- the device W.A.S. would make the waste material problem a 'was' thing for the upcoming generation.


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