EB-135 - NASA Approved, Medical/Optical Adhesive

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EB-135 is a versatile, medium viscosity, epoxy formulation for a wide array of industries. Originally formulated as a structural adhesive, the EB-135 bonds well to most engineered plastics, all metals, ceramics, glass and rubbers. It can be used as an adhesive,lamination compound, staking material, sealant, coating or for small encapsulations. It offers protection against moisture as well as fuel oils and other chemicals.

This unique product offers very low stress during cure making it a best choice for delicate parts. It also offers low stress after cure even when temperature cycled down to -55 °C.

It has been certified to ISO-10093-5 for medical device applications. The chemistry of EB-135 has also been used in short term implantable devices.

The EB-135 has been tested and approved by NASA to ASTM E-595-07 with both room temperature and various heat cures. It is an excellent optical material with high transmission from 350 to 2500nm with very low florescence. It has a low cure shrinkage and has been used in fiber optic terminations including bonding of PM fibers.

For electrical applications, the EB-135 offers a very high dielectric strength and volume resistivity so it acts as an excellent electrical insulator in even high voltage applications.

This system is also very easy to use with a convenient 2:1 mix ratio. It can be applied using a manual or pneumatic cartridge gun or meter mix dispenser. Complete cure can be accomplished overnight at room temperature or as fast as 2 hours @ 80 ̊C.


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