KORC (Keep Out of Reach of Children)

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Keep out of reach of children, almost every cupboard contains something that states this warning on the label. Whether it is for the child's safety of the sanity of the parent; medication, paint, blenders plastic bags or a vast array of other things need to be kept safe from children while still readily accessible to adults.

While a toddler's finger painting on the new Persian rug is, at least in the long run, preferable to salami fingers, both can be prevented by locking the cupboard. Sometimes you forget to lock it and it is frustrating to try find the keys every time you want an aspirin.

KORC utilizes readily available capacitive touch sensors to determine the size of the person attempting to open the cupboard. These sensors combined with some intelligence, and an electronic locking system create a seamless experience for an adult and an impenetrable barrier for a child.


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    Graham Webber
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    As a dyslexic person I know the disadvantage that poor reading skills create. I would like to make something that allows other people to reach their potential.
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