Asymetrical Power Converter for Electric Drive

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The performance of electric energy systems is based mainly on their powers chains structures. Indeed, the power chain structure influences the consumed energy, the energy losses and the simplicity the control system reducing the faults causes. In this context, we propose a power chain modeling approach based on asymmetrical control. The vehicle power chain is constituted by a synchronous motor with permanent magnet and axial flux and a DC-AC converter constituted by only three power IGBT transistors (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) and power diodes. This choice is used to increase the gain in production cost and power chain performance. The chosen structure of converter is suitable for variable speed control of electric motor.


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    Souhir Tounsi
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    Analytic Computation for Electric Engines Simulator, Matlab, Finite Element Simulator (FEMM 4.2), Genetic Algorithms Simulator for performances optimization.
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