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The most convenient security gadget you can place on your door to monitor breaking and entering. It has the power to connect with all of your other IoT devices too to prompt all types of actions incurred from an unwanted breach.

Owwli is an IoT gadget that notifies its owner every time there is a door breach. It is a technological advancement from the current set of gadgets in the market, because it utilizes the number of pieces to only one. Owwli is a base tool that can be connected with world known API platforms in order to work differently for different users. e.g. It would connect with IFTTT or Zapier to perform further actions with Philip's set of lighting in the smart home. The opportunities are many.

Problem: Security equipment and systems are very elaborate and extensive. To build something at home you need to screen for the best compatible technology and then consider your budget before setting the system for further and ongoing customization. We have built Owwli to be a simple installation tool that monitors all door breaches in a simple 3 step installation process: 1. Install device on door 2. Connect it to Wifi and App 3. Start monitoring a list of Actions on the app. The Actions that Owwli monitors are endless.. We are launching Owwli with a simple action list: 1. Breaches 2. Wifi disconnection 3. Low Battery. Further Actions to be developed thru API platforms like IFTTT: 1. Call 911 2. Push Text 3. Activate Home-based Video recording cam 4. Activate Panic Mode 5. Activate Lighting (Thru Phillip Hue)...etc


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    Musab Nahar
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    Zaid Abujubara, mechanical eng. Saeed Omar , business developer
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    Since the internet, and the internet of things are giving us huge platforms to work on, we consider our main challenge as one of hard work not invention and discovery. As inventors and designers in the Owwli team, there are a lot of applications that we can build utilizing these platforms, than discovering new ones.
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