AC/DC Voltage Transducer

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Measuring DC voltage is fairly easy, but AC with distorted wave forms can be a challenge. The design team at NK Technologies has developed a sensor to measure AC or DC voltage, or a combination of both, with the ability to produce an accurate output signal to a PLC or panel meter to 5K hertz, up to 1200 volts. UL listed and compliant with CE regulations, this series of products are covered with our five year warranty, manufactured in the US and built to ISO9001:2008 standards.

The compact housing fits on a DIN rail or can be mounted directly on a back panel.


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    Will Delsman
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    Roger Borders, Allen Lai, Cindy Chow, Bob Nguyen
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    Technical Sales Manager
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    We listen to customer requests, and do our best to turn the need into a product.
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