CUI Detection Tech Based on Vibrations and Magnetism

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CORROSION UNDER INSULATION is an extremely common occurrence and makes up a huge chunk of pipeline maintenance costs. Even though we know about CUI and understand what causes it, the struggle remains to prevent corrosion and mitigate its effects. The corrosion occurs as a result of moisture build-up under the insulation. Without a way to evaporate, the moisture eats away at the metal parts of a piece of equipment. This could be the actual pipe, the hardware, or even the jacketing. But this device will work to detect the corrosion very easily and effectively.

This concept or solution is based on the Magnetism and electromagnet.

Details: As per the sketch there will be a ring shaped electromagnet and a vibration motor and both will work to detect corrosion under insulation.

Mechanism: When we will connect the vibration motor with the end part of the pipeline then this motor will work to vibrate the pipeline and due to this vibration the iron particles will be uprooted or root out from the surface of corrosion and will be collected on the surface.

After it we will use the ring shape electromagnet and when this electromagnet will move on the outer surface of the pipeline and move over the corrosive surface then the all collected iron particles will be attracted towards this ring shaped electromagnet.

Due to attraction of particles the magnetic field of this electromagnet will be changed and Sensor will work to find out this change and will send a signal that there is a corrosion under insulation.

In this way this technology will work.
Salient features:
(1) it will be a low cost solution.
(2) it will work more effectively than other existing detection technologies.
(3) low maintenance and light weight tech.


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