Smart Vehicle Parking System by Implementation of Mobile Technology for Automization

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We all know how much one has to suffer at the parking lots if we do not get a proper parking space. Each and everyone faces this problem in their lives. My aim is to bring about a solution to this problem. This project is basically to automate the parking system and to make the current parking system more user friendly and easier to use by the implementation of mobile technology for automization. Here the user has to first reserve/book a parking slot for him/her by requesting for a parking slot through sms. After requesting for a parking slot, the user will be provided with an authentication password to be entered at the parking slot to get access to the parking slot without any problem. And if the parking slot is unavailable the SMS will be sent accordingly as " no parking available now. "The user may retry and book a slot for him/her through the SMS. The controller performs all the activities like reservation,gate operation, cost calculation,authentication,etc. IR sensors will be present at each gate to sense the presence of vehicle and aid the hardware to perform all the appropriate actions. The communication medium between the user and the hardware module will be the GSM modem, by using which the user and the hardware module can communicate among themselves through sms formats. By this method we can automate and make a smart vehicle parking system which will be easier to use and saves time and also prevents commotion and accidents or any kind of disturbances. Life will become easier and faster.


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    Samriddhi Singh
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