Connected Vehicles by Using IOT

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We have designed a revolutionary new “Connected Vehicles” system which monitors every vehicle and connects them with each other. This multi-purpose system checks vehicle pollution, detect over-speed and traffic-signal violations, an anti-theft feature, automatic toll-amount collection. In case an unfortunate accident does occur, the system will send a signal to the nearest hospital requesting prompt ambulance service. In our proposed design, we have created a relatively low-cost, compact and multi-purpose system which can also be used in two-wheelers, for passenger and pedestrian safety resulting in smart cities.

We are using ZigBee for wireless communication. There will be one box in vehicle and one connected to laptop in data center. Box in vehicle will collect data from various sensor and send it to ZigBee. ZigBee will be set as router so it will be in mesh network with other ZigBee. In case if vehicle is not in range with other car then mobile can connect with car to upload data to data center directly. Data center ZigBee will be set as ‘End point’ in mesh network. Sensors in car will give update about vehicle PUC, traffic rule violation to data center, vehicle can message to other vehicles, Automatic toll collection etc.

1) We are using accelerometer for detecting accident or any small impact on vehicle and if impact is severe then it will inform about it to nearby vehicles and ambulance.
2) We are collecting toll by using IR communication for toll collection and traffic rule violation.
3) One vehicle can communicate with other specific vehicle.
4) Safe distance alert will be given to both front and backward vehicle.
5) Track stolen vehicles
6) assistance to traffic-police through over-speed detection

Technical Description:-

In Vehicle:- There will be acrylic box with 2 Micro-controller Atmega328P-PU by Atmel, GPS by Parallax, IMU MPU6050, ZigBee, Bluetooth HC-05. Vehicle will have 12V battery and step down by buck convertor LM2576. Sensors like gas sensor MQ-135, ultrasonic sensor will be connected to it. ZigBee in vehicle will be set as ‘router’ which form mesh network. Full system draw 200mA with 5V supply. Two controller will communicate with each other through i2c protocol. One controller will read data from GPS and ZigBee. Second controller will read data from sensors and Bluetooth. Bluetooth will connect to mobile for configuration of vehicle system. Ultrasonic sensor will give reading of obstacle in the range of 4m.

In data center:- In data center there will be ZigBee as End node in mesh, computer as a monitor of full system. Data center ZigBee will be set as ‘End point’ in mesh network. So data generated by any node (vehicle) will pass to data center directly if in range and through mesh if not in range. Computer will have program written in java language which will be connected with Firebase which is online database by Google.

Cost: :-Cost of this system when manufactured in bulk goes around 5000 Indian rupees.



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    Rohit Ugale
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    Vivekanand Dhakane. Aditya Gundavr. Rohit Ugale.
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    This was an amazing prototype which will help us in developing the cities,by reducing the pollution , minimizing the accident , quick feedback from data center and much more.
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    Processing , Eagle 7.2..0, Key shot etc
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