Rotary Instrument To Measure Circular & Linear Motion Parameters

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The instrument is designed to measure linear and circular motion parameters like angular velocity, linear velocity, centrifugal force, rpm and other related parameters from equations.

Design statement:
The instrument has following parts,
1. Two beakers or dead weights
2. Supporting shaft
3. Link to connect beakers/ dead weights and supporting shaft
4. Strain gauges emended in the link or part number 3

As instrument starts to rotate there will be variation in the level of fluid and output voltage from strain gauge due to tension that is generated from centrifugal force.
The level measurement of fluid in beaker or variation in output voltage of strain gauge will show the magnitude of centrifugal force by calibration. Now we can calculate the other parameters like velocity 'v' by solving the centrifugal force equation (mv2/r= F).
Same will follow to calculate the other values like 'N', Omega etc. by inserting the known values and solving the equations.


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