DAZL for Women's Safety

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• Globally, 1 in 3 women experience some physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. 4 billion people globally lack access to a centralized emergency response system
• Though 90% of such crimes are not even reported, there is a high likelihood that we all know someone who has had this experience
• With more women entering the workforce globally and traveling, their safety trumps everything else
• Women shouldn’t have to compromise on their ambitions, aspirations, and lifestyle, for something as simple as safety
• At DAZL, our goal is to leverage the Internet of Things technology, and change the way women view and manage their safety, and enhance their quality of life

• DAZL is an IoT (Internet of Things) platform for working women that enables them to intelligently and conveniently manage their safety and daily communication. It consists of two unique components: a proprietary smart IoT module that powers the wearable and a data-driven Smartphone App that links to the wearable

• In an emergency, your phone may not be within reach or may get snatched. DAZL saves time
• Press the button on the device to discretely send an SOS via SMS and Push Notifications
• DAZL instantly sends your location to your loved ones and expands your ability to get help
• DAZL is a wearable (keychain, bag charm, bracelet, belt accessory) that syncs wirelessly with your Smartphone via a personalizable App and a convenient, two-way communication mechanism
• Your wearable sends commands to your Smartphone App at the press of a button via unique patterns
• The Android and iOS Apps discretely communicate with your wearable via a pattern of LED blinkers and buzzers



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    Aditi Chadha
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    To combine design and technology with social impact as we are doing at DAZL for women's safety
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