Pillar Technologies Construction Site Monitoring System

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Ideaz partnered with Pillar Technologies to develop the first real-time construction environment monitoring system, bringing state of the art IoT technology to the construction site.

Pillar's system helps construction and insurance companies track and reduce the risk of fire, water and mold among other environmental conditions.

The wirelessly connected smart sensors create a mesh network that works with Pillar's proprietary SAAS platform, allowing their customers to monitor job site environmental conditions virtually as well as data management and digital records of entire building process.

Smart Sensors monitor:
Pressure | Temperature | Smoke | Excessive noise | Mold | Humidity | Vibration | VOC levels

Pillar's battery powered smart sensors are designed to quickly attach to multiple locations and surfaces on a job site. Silicone straps, allow for attachment to beams and pipes while the large rare earth magnets simply attach to any metal surface. These versatile attachment methods enable the sensors to be deployed quickly and securely in a wide variety of site applications

The Pillar Smart sensor monitors are designed and manufactured in the USA. The simple two piece housing allow for cost-effective manufacturing and production.



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