IOT Based Smart Wheelchair

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This project is related to the Voice Controlled Wheelchair System by using speech recognition module. The system is designed to control a wheelchair using the voice of consumer. The objective of this project is to facilitate the movement of people who are disabled or handicapped and elderly people who are not able to move well. The result of this design will allow certain people to live a life with less dependence on others. Speech recognition technology is a key which may provide a new way of human interaction with machines or tools. Thus the problem that they are faced can be solved by using speech recognition technology to move the wheelchair. This can be realized with used the microphone as an intermediary. In this project, interface is designed therefore to develop the program for recognizes a voice in turn controls the movement of wheelchairs. This project uses Atmel AVR microcontroller circuit and Direct Current Motor to create the movement of wheelchair. This project also consist of IOT (cloud computing) technology which helps in storing the command over cloud platform so that the recorded voice gets compared to the data already present and respond automatically with accuracy. The results and analysis of this innovation will describe in this report. The results of this project show that this project can be used for future research works and to design excellence innovation that meets market need and public interest.


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