Mind Your Money

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My solution is not just a new creative app, but a new system, a new approach to the problem of controlling finances.

My research led me to one simple truth - to competently manage finances you need to love money as a person loves a human. Turn a card into a part of you, into your lover.

So - the main goal of my project was to recreate the human relationships. One of the manifestations of love - it’s touch.

My innovative card design recreates this feeling. Before making a purchase a user starts a dialog with a card and touches the haptic screen. And the dialog starts with "love" movement. After preparing the product to a dialog a card collects data about client’s finances, location, history of purchase and generates one of 3 answers, not by words but haptic reaction with micro discharge (which repeats 3 different levels). A client gives love to the card - and the card answers.

Moreover, a card has "tattoos." Each tattoo is connected with client’s significant purchase on a semiotic level. All of them have different textures an designed individualy. When a client touches it, he has flashbacks about pleasant moments which were connected with a purchase. Such a service increases the emotional attachment with a product.

The card is connected to an app which govers about a client. The app has functions to track spending and order new "tattoos."


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