RoboGuts STEAM Education Program

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I am in this contest to buy materials for the FREE classes I teach on beginner robotics/animatronics. 

The RoboGuts circuit board is designed to host most of the MCU chips or modules on the market today in a footprint the same size as an Arduino UNO board. It can even host the Arduino's ATMEGA 328P chips but the RoboGuts also has a built-on audio amplifier and adding a SpeakJet synth chip in the socket allows you to give your projects speech and song. The RoboGuts circuit board is the smartest design for home hobby and experimenter/developer bread board. That is the RoboGuts has standard hobby connectors to minimize the need for special cables plus pin holes for added components.

The design of the RoboGuts circuit board makes prototyping or even building permanent devices, toys etc. easy and much more affordable. It is about 5x or more affordable than any other starter kit available on the market today and they still don't meet the capabilities of the RoboGuts!

Help me buy materials so I can pass them onto the economically strapped children at the local Boys & Girls Clubs here and maybe a few will find a career path and enough of a start-up education to build the next generation robots.

RoboGuts+Lesson X0 3D printed miniFloppyBot Singing Electronic

BillyBot Sings "He's Gotta Get Me Some"

BillyBot We're Coming 2 B Ur Leaders

RoboGuts™ Intelligent content for 3D printing making S.T.E.A.M. education better, easier and more affordable



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