Smart Safety Jacket

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Smart Safety Jacket is an IOT technology based device used for safety purpose of the employees who work in mining site and construction site. By carrying out research on construction and mining industries the statistical report says that the accident is always a combination of hazards and cause. The collapse and flood of underground working could be a consequence of gas explosion or dust. Similarly, a fire could cause the release of toxic contaminants. The use of explosives might cause an earthquake, that collapsed mine workings and traps miners as happened to 33 miners who were stuck underground from August to October 2010 in a Chilean mine near the city Copiapo. As reported by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health(NIOSH), in the underground mines most explosive related fatalities were caused by miners being too close to the blast followed by explosive fumes poisoning, misfires and premature blasts. Mine induced seismicity must be added to that list. The hazardous gases present in the mining area like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, ethane, Propene, etc..., will cause the harmful disease to the miners. If we take proper preventive measure, all the above issues can be avoided.

My solution for this involves IOT device fixed on the safety jacket which is called Smart safety jacket. This smart jacket is connected with the different type of sensors like Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Motion sensor, Gas sensor, Sound sensor, RFID, Emergency Panel, Notification Panel. These sensors connected to the network through wi-fi makes more relevant and valuable ever than before.By turning sensor information into actions, real-time data from mining environment can be monitored and controlled remotely from anywhere. The network connected sensors fetch the information from the mining environment and process that information through controllers and stores that information in a database for future purpose. The information can be monitored through an ISO android app and personal computers remotely. The whole process can be stated in two points

1.The miner has to wear the smart safety jacket (connected with the sensors) which is connected to the control room via a network.
2.A Monitor in the control room who is continuously monitoring the miners and the mining site should check the sensor status and alert the miners in case of any critical situation.
Thus the mining environment and miners will be protected from the hazard

1. I need to wear the smart safety jacket
2. I need to be remotely monitored continuously to keep myself safe
3. I need to be free from a respiratory problem, breathing poisonous gases, explosions and flood.
4. An alert message should be passed in case of emergency by the controller who is monitoring me.
5. Only those who are wearing the smart safety jacket should be allowed at the site.

1. Ensure where issues might occur at the mining site by trapping real-time data and allow adjustments to be made before anything can go wrong.
2. Reduce the risk associated with every step


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    Sarathkumar C
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    My inspiration for creating this idea is the poor miners who are working under severe circumstances without proper security for their health and life.Technology opens its door based on using IoT technology to prevent miners and construction employees from various hazards.
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