COTS Mini Radar Imager Unit

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This radar imager is based on new COTS microwave based hardware being developed by chip circuit and board developers using COTS hardware being developed currently. The unit consists of a droid display device with USB cord and WI FI radio board with fairly good computing capability already developed and in use by various vendors and an 18 element radar board connected to it, also a COTS device developed by another vendor.

All of these things are placed into an enclosure to make it easier to handle as well as protecting it from the weather. There is extra room in the enclosure for a powerful maroon light source near infrared light source that works with some cameras to see better in the dark or through some waxy or fatty consistency things as well as a far infrared stick camera. The COTS radar is a close range radar that using weak microwaves has the ability to look through dielectric substances like plastic, paper, wood and to some degree maybe wet items. The nearly infrared light can see better through some semi opaque materials than regular light being at the far range of the red spectrum.

The radar can differentiate between metal and non metal objects and even to a degree different materials or liquids such as the difference between alcohol and water or oil. The imager can see object about 1 centimeter in size and can see and help identify objects in a wall or behind fabric or behind plywood or possibly concrete like finding pipes or studs or wiring or nails in a wall. The radar imager could be used to find object in fabric by their metallic or non metallic outline of being different material then the fabric such as being a metal verses non metal material by detecting the difference in reflectivity. The images are reconstructed from the received signal and reconstructed on the droid unit.

What makes this embodiment better is that all the hardware is enclosed in one enclosure not many the droid can keep it is own enclosure as supplied probably easier to do so. The advantage of my enclosure design is that it is more flat a bigger so it will run cooler. Optionally a keypad and a aurdiniou type board with display could be used. The far deep red light can see through some semi opaque things or waxy or fatty type consistencies or light colored wet things.

One use for the radar scanner imager is security imaging; another is determining how much alcohal versus water is in a liquid or even determine what it consists of. The moister content of soil could be determined by the radar imager. Another use possibly is ice detection as the the presence or how thick the ice is on a solid surface. The far light thing could be used with certain types of cameras to see through fabric in as good resolution as the camera being used. The infrared stick camera can see passive infrared emissions and shadows of objects under fabric. 


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