Digital MEMS Inclinometer with Full Temperature Compensation

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The JDI-100/200 series is a ruggedized inclinometer using digital output and full temperature compensation across all measuring ranges which enables the unit to perform to 0.005° accuracy. This means that engineers can rely on a high precision tilt sensor that will not be easily influenced by various temperature changes within its environment.

The JDI-100/200 series utilizes MEMS technology to measure tilt in either single or dual-axis configurations. Standard measuring ranges span to ±60° with a digital resolution of 0.0001° and RS485 interface output. It also includes a galvanically isolated single DC power input and an integrated temperature sensor. It is RoHS compliant, verifying that no lead was used to produce it, which is beneficial for applications that need to adhere to strict safety and environmental regulations.

To ensure a project will operate safely and accurately, engineers can use the JDI sensor to automate and control many industrial applications including construction and agricultural equipment, solar tracking, mobile cranes, platform leveling and positioning, mobile radar equipment, bridge monitoring and more. This presents engineers with a highly reliable and precise, digital tilt measuring solution to create more efficient and successful projects.



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