Route Finder and Communicator

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The project is an embedded system which works on Raspberry Pi using a sensor. The sensor detects the hurdles and sends the data to the Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi examine the data and send details to the user in the form of Speech. The whole route is narrated to the user. As the route is narrated to the blind person then they can easily go anywhere without facing any problem. When the blind person wears the device and feed the value of the approx. footsteps. After that the device start working and analyzing surround by taking pictures and measuring object by sensors. There is a code to convert all the data, picture and text into the speech. The language used for the speech is English and gesture recognition for Deaf and Dumb people.: In our project we aim to solve day to day problem that disabled people face. Blind people are dependent on others for visual feedback where else deaf and dumb people face problem in communicating their thoughts. To solve the problem faced by blind, deaf and dumb people we have divided our module into 3 parts and later we have integrated them in form of a waist belt. There are many options available in the market that provide functionality of only one module like a navigator stick for blinds, text to speech converters for deaf and dumb etc, but there is no competitive product that has integrated all these modules into one setup. Thus our proposed method is novel in its field of application.


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    Arushi Dogra
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    Yatin Maheshwari Rishabh Singh Rana
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    Raspberry Pi
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