SWaP-Optimized 3U VPX Power Supply

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The new 3U VPX power supply from Aegis Power Systems, Inc. meets the industry challenge of SWaP-optimized design (meaning it is small, lightweight, and low power consumption). It offers the latest in embedded power supply technology and exceeds power output of other units currently on the market. Further, the VPX2703UC consumes low power which means the parent application can divert output to other system requirements or run for longer time periods while using fewer resources.

The filtered 270Vdc unit gives engineers in defense, communications, aviation, and industrial markets a robust power system for use in rackmount chassis. Specifically, the VPX2703UC DC power supply yields up to 93% max efficiency and 650 watts total output power while housed in a small 3U form factor size. Other features include conduction cooling, six output voltages, short circuit protection with automatic recovery, quick start-up time, and alignment keys for allowing parallel use of multiple units in one chassis. These powerful single slot rack cards are ruggedized and designed to meet applicable portions of various military standards including Mil-STD-704, Mil-STD-461E, and Mil-STD-810F and meet the VITA 62 specifications for connectors, voltages, mechanical, and general interface.

The VPX2703UC has already completed the design, prototype, testing, and initial product phases. It is available for use in any system employing a VPX rackmount chassis. The industry has been seeing a slow, but growing increase in demand for VPX technology. The VPX system offers significant advantages over the legacy VME technology.

We have already received an order for use in a defense aviation application. Our US based manufacturing facilities provide full design integration assistance and ongoing support for short- and long-term projects. We have operated for over 20 years and have a proven track-record to support the manufacturability and competitive pricing of these units. Find out more about our company at: http://www.aegispower.com


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    Arlissa Vaughn
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    Mark Mason, Engineering Manager
    Matt Van Steen, Senior Design Engineer
    Travis Own, Project Engineer
    Tripp Ledford, Project Engineer
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Our company, Aegis Power Systems, Inc, designs application-driven power supplies. We are especially inspired by the latest SWaP trends and are reworking many of our existing products to be compact size and lower weight with high power output.
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