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We are surrounded by multi-frequency signals around us and our body is continuously exposed to their radiations. But we are enjoying the comforts and connectivity dealt with the technology and no matter whether we use or not we have to coexist with these signals. Wireless technology has taken over others even were there is no need of mobility. Static places like home where we live within bounds can afford to be wired and signal free. Even offices which work with LAN's can also become signal free zones. But there is no need to loose comfort and connectivity if we provide same with limited mobility.

This model basically uses same technologies out of the zone but extends to convert it to wired network. So that all the signals which we actually require are fetched, converted and delivered to us as wired extensions just like charging cable.

A wide-band antenna covering most used bands like cellular band, WiFi band etc is installed outside the zone and a frequency selector for the devices coupled inside zone like mobile operator band etc. Other signals are reflected and not attenuated since they contain data of others. Inside the zone excess signal is attenuated by signal absorbers.

A wide-band Modem connected to antenna is the source in the zone which is provided with various output slots based on output frequency band like different slots for coax,optical fiber etc. A multiple converter with variable extensions is where all devices are connected along with coupler for the device. The coupler converts the signal suitable for the device receiver capabilities.

When a device is connected to any slot inside zone the operator, frequency band,type of signal are detected and antenna is tuned to operate at those frequencies.

The complexity lies in roof top antenna which must cover wide frequency range or may be different antennas for different bands. The modem is not complex existing models can be reconfigured for broad band range. Another complexity lies in the coupler so that there is no overhead in device model. So basically the coupler of device is to convert the cell signal or WiFi to USB or any other ports available for device to plug in. One time installation is done for the implementation of model and different cables are to be arranged for different bands.

There are other advantages in this model the signal can be boosted, recorded, speed up.


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