Self-Rechargeable Electronics Weighing Machine - No Need to Recharge From Outside

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At present, use of electronics weighing scale (machine) is increasing rapidly. It is even used at shop of foot path, where electric is not present. Everywhere it is installed, charging of battery of the weighing scale is necessary. Although, electric expense for its battery charging is low, if we calculate total electric expenses for charging of its battery for a country, then we will see a huge amount of electric expenses for electronics weighing scale. But we can save this expense of conventional energy by using a PIEZO electric sensor system. For this system the weight scale may be self depending for energy of own demand.

For this system, the top plate of weighing scale, where the goods will placed for weight, to be make by two part (up & down). On its down part, Piezo Sensor (full system without battery)to be kept and upper part to be lay on it. When the goods (minimum weight of 250 gm) will be placed on upper plate, then the plate will give pressure on Piezo Sensor and the sensor convert the pressure to a voltage, that will do charge the battery, which is installed in to the weighing scale structure.

For heavy electronics weight scale, electromagnetic power generation system may be use with piezo electric system.


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