IOT Based Intelligent Speed Adaptation of Vehicle

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->Literature Survey: - Speed thrills but it also kills! Over speeding is the main cause when it comes to road accidents in the city. Statistics available with the traffic police shows that of 1,531 road accidents that took place last year, 413 accidents were caused due to over speeding. This means nearly 27% of total accidents have taken place due to over speeding.

So, we have designed a working prototype that control the speed of the vehicles by different ways in ‘three real life scenario’. This avoid accidents due to over speed. We can also fixed the speed of vehicles at restricted areas in city (viz. school zone, hospital zone) with certain speed limits mentioned on the roads.Here we are using IOT(Internet of Things) in fixing the speed limit mentioned on the road, which is interfacing with the application.

-> Introduction:-In This Project we have solved a biggest problem of ‘Road Accident’ which is ‘OVERSPEEDING’. We have cover three real life scenario, (On the Highways or Ring road, Near School and Near Hospital or Bus stand). We are reducing the speed of vehicles in different ways in these three scenario. In First scenario (Highways or Ring road) we are targeting and restricting the speed limit of the vehicles by an IOT application. These IOT application are control by Control Room established near highways through which speed limit is triggered and WIFI module installed in the vehicles receives the signal of application thus restrict the speed limit as per the command given by supervisor. This is how we can control the speed of vehicles in the first real life scenario.

In Second scenario (Near School), Different schools have different despatcher timing. So we have installed a time based speed beaker on the roads. The control of these time based speed breaker is in the hand of Principle. Principle can adjust the upliftment of speed breaker as per despatcher timing of the school. This save school going children’s from might getting hit by an OVERSPEED vehicles. In Third scenario (Near Hospital and Bus stand), as we know the patient and there family are mostly moving near the hospital. So to save them from a road accident we have implemented a Color Panel in front of the hospital, whose function is to restrict the speed of the vehicles. To restrict the speed of the vehicles, we have fixed a Color Sensor in the vehicles which sense the color as it comes near to the color panel. So by this patient and there family not might get hit by OVERSPEED vehicles. These are the different ways by which we can reduced over speed road accident.



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